About us

As the owner of Classic Auto Restoration Parts, I have over 40 plus years of experience building and restoring vehicles of all types. My passion has always been for GM products, particularly Camaro, Nova, and Chevelle. My automotive and hot rodding desire began in my earliest teen years when my grand dad started letting me drive him all over the place well before my 15th birthday in a big block 64 C10 pickup with a 4 speed. This was his work truck back in the day fitted with dually rear wheels and a granny low first gear. The truck was built for working, not hot rodding, but boy I wanted that truck to be mine for a really long time. I grew up in a service station playing with tools for toys, so automobiles were just second nature for me. When I was 15 years old, my mom came outside to see what I was doing, and I had her car all sanded down ready for paint. So guess what I bought with all my lawn money, a paint job. I went on from that point and took courses in auto body and made a career out of it until Classic Auto Restoration was birthed. I believe that Classic Auto Restoration Parts has the knowledge and experience to help you in many areas of your build. As the Chevy II Nova is our main niche and stocking item at the time, we have many other makes and models available to you. We are a vendor with most suppliers and can take care of your GM, Ford, Mopar, Cutlass, GTO, Tri-5, Chevy and Ford truck needs. There are always new items being reproduced and the need to constantly add more parts to the website. If you need something other than what's listed on our web, outside of the Chevy Nova, do not hesitate to contact us.